Online Keno at Grand Rush Casino in 2022

Keno began its life as a simple lottery-like game in ancient China. A simple game, to be sure, but a game so wildly popular that it helped raise the money needed to construct the only man-made structure that can sometimes be seen from space – the Great Wall of China.

This unassuming game is a firm favorite with online casino-goers – it is one of the only casino games where your fate is almost entirely in the hands of Lady Luck. There are, of course, strategies that can help you tip the scales in your favour but, by and large, online Keno is a game of fortune. And remember, fortune favours the bold…

One of the reasons keno is so beloved by players all over the world is that, because it is a game of luck, anyone can win. Even the smallest bet can land a massive win. And, because fortune favours the bold, online keno is very much a ‘go big or go home’ kind of game.

You’ll find several different variants of keno available – Captain Keno, Super Keno, Power Keno, and more – and they all follow the same basic rules. Step one in finding that big online keno win is then obviously learning the rules. Once you understand the basics, you can go big and win bigger!

How To Play Online Keno

Playing real money online keno, or even free keno online if you want a practise round or two before you dive into the real thing, is easy enough. It’s all about the numbers. You’ll get to choose anywhere between 10 and 15 numbers and the choice is all yours. If you’d rather leave your fate entirely up to the universe, most keno games have an Autoplay option that will pick the numbers for you. Once you’ve chosen your numbers, you can place your bet and give the game a whirl. It really is as easy as that.

Basic Strategies

As with all games of luck, there are certain strategies that can help bolster your game. With this game, these strategies might not have a massive impact on your gameplay – because it is mostly a game of luck – but every little bit helps.

First up, the numbers. The numbers you choose when playing online keno are all-important and picking one set of numbers that you play during multiple games can help even the odds.

Secondly, playing free keno online before you place any real money bets is always a good idea, if only to get a feel for the game before you put your hard-won money on the line. Most online casinos, like Grand Rush casino, will give you the chance to play for free until you get the hang of things. And thirdly, it is vital with online keno, as it is with any casino game, to set a budget and stick with it. Keno is an easy game to play and therefore it can run away with you. We want you to have fun, and not to take any of the games you play here too seriously.